Addressing Youth Violence In America’s Schools

Find out about professional development initiatives that can create safer schools.

In Focus: Violence Prevention Archives From The Guidance Channel Zine
Find helpful advice on preventing youth violence through this collection of articles from The Guidance Channel online magazine.
Youth Violence Intervention and Prevention
Explore the roles of schools, community leaders, parents and policymakers in reducing violent behavior in our nation’s young people.

Preventing Youth Violence
Learn ways for educators, administrators and parents can prevent violence.

The Guidance Channel’s Top Ten Violence Prevention Websites
Bookmark these websites the The Guidance Channel Zine has identified as having the most comprehensive information on violence prevention.

Focus On After-School Time For Violence Prevention
Explore the role of after-school programs, adult-child relationships, and parental monitoring in violence prevention for middle and high school.

Challenging Behavior & Effective Discipline for All Students: Best Practice Strategies for Educators
Identify the most effective strategies for addressing problem behavior in the schools.

Coping With Aggressive Classroom Behaviors: Interventions For Children With Conduct Disorders
Review both promising and ineffective interventions for children with conduct problems, including removal from the classroom, various forms of therapy, parenting skills training, promotion of prosocial peer relationships, social skills training, and cognitive problem-solving programs.

Violence and Special Education
Gain insight into the factors contributing to the future of youth violence and find out what to anticipate.

A Pattern Of Violence (Violence In Special Education: Part II)
Review the recent research and theory about the nature of violent behaviors.

In Brief: Self-Mutilation
Find out why young people mutilate themselves and learn how to help them stop.

Self-Mutilation: Information and Guidance for School Personnel
Learn how to safely identify and respond to students who self-mutilate.

Sexual Harassment At School
Find out how you can use professional development programs to stop sexual harassment in your school.


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