$1-million gift from 3M allows UW to install innovative inventory system

The University of Waterloo is about to become the first academic institution in North America to use a new inventory and security system from 3M. The university and the company are today announcing a $1-million gift-in-kind involving 3M’s One Tag radio frequency identification (RFID) system.
RFID technology is a relatively new concept in the management of library collections and security. The 3M One Tag differs from other systems by fastening a single RFID tag to library resources. The tag, or chip, contains all of the information necessary to locate and identify library materials, ensure security and streamline the checkout process for library users and staff.

“This state-of-the-art technology from 3M will enhance UW’s image as a leader in technology and innovation, while improving the overall efficiency of how our library’s collection is circulated,”

said Mark Haslett, university librarian.

“The system will also resolve a long-time cause of some small frustration for our community. Students, faculty and guests using the Davis and Porter libraries will no longer need to have their backpacks checked for library materials by the attendant stationed near the building’s exit.”

3M and Waterloo have enjoyed a long and productive business relationship for more than 25 years. 3M has been an active employer of UW co-op students and now employs over 50 UW graduates at its North American locations. In addition to matching gifts, the company established the 3M Canada company bursaries for students enrolled in engineering, business, science and computer science programs at UW. 3M is a global diversified technology company serving customers in more than 200 countries around the world. With global head offices in St. Paul, Minnesota, the company is a leader in a variety of major markets including consumer and office; display and graphics; electronics and telecommunications; safety, security and protection services; health care; industrial and transportation. Established in 1951, 3M Canada Company was one of the first international subsidiaries opened by 3M and today it is one of the largest.


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