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Colleges & Universities

Most of the top colleges and universities in the world are located in the United States. There are many schools in the US that are well known nationally and internationally and have thousands of students from around the world studying there. Many areas of study are available in the American higher education system. These include business, mathematics, ESL, teaching, and master’s degrees. The possibilities are endless! No matter which college or university you decide to attend, your main goal is to join a group of like-minded people. But how do you find new student friends?

Organization In The College Admission Essay

As a college admission essay editor, I’ve run into more problems due to organization than any other issue. Even when ideas are freely flowing, even when I am expressing those ideas in the most precise terms, there is always the issue of order. What order should all of the sentences go in? What order should all of the paragraphs go in? Those who attempt to write their college admission essay in one shot, thinking there will be an automatic progression of ideas, a natural build-up, climax, and conclusion, are sorely mistaken.

Honesty is the Best Policy in the College Admission Essay

One of the most important characteristics of an exceptional college admission essay is honesty. Be real. The old adage ‘be yourself’ could not be more true in this case. The admissions boards of your prospective colleges will literally read thousands of these essays. They can spot an insincerity at twenty paces. In other words, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not simply because you think it sounds more impressive. You are impressive. Show them why.

Interview With Evan Bailyn, President of The Penn Group

SJT: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. What should students keep in mind when they are writing their college admission essay ? EB: I think it’s important to write about what you like. This sounds like an obvious statement, but believe it or not, it’s rarely done. A lot of students try to write an essay that’s Harvard -worthy, or NYU -worthy, or appropriate to whatever school they’re applying to. Colleges have piles of essays that sound too profound for their own good. Students need to focus on the little things that they wonder about during the day – the oddities, the quirks of who they are. I find that most kids tend to play it safe when in reality, writing about a deceased grandparent is not going to score you as many points as writing about the time you fell off your chair in English class.

The College Admission Essay Experience: How I Survived And Thrived

I have always considered myself a fairly ambitious individual, someone who thrived in the scholastic environment and actually enjoyed writing papers and reading books. So when I approached the college admissions process, I was fairly confident. I was the first to get my recommendation letters, the first to mail my transcripts, the first fill out my applications. As I flipped through the application to my dream school, I came to the college admission essay page. As my eyes scanned the several offered prompts, I began to get anxious. They were all incredibly open-ended and seemed to invite torrents of shameless self promotion. I was terrified.

Robert McDougal of Orange County Reviews His Three Favorite Free Online Resources for ESL Students

Robert McDougal Part of learning English as a second language (ESL) is listening to it being spoken. In a previous article, Robert McDougal of Orange County talked about the different methods a new learner could listen to English being spoken, such as in meetings, on television, on podcasts, on the radio. Here, Robert McDougal of Orange County outlines his top three free resources on the internet which help ESL students learn the language faster.

Professor Emerita and Author Alice L. Eckardt to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Unimaginable as it may seem, approximately six million Jews were methodically murdered by Nazi Germans, under the direction of Adolf Hitler during World War II, either in gas chambers or mass shootings. Many died from starvation and terrible illnesses. The carnage and brutality is absolutely horrifying to recall so why is it vital that we always remember that it happened? Why is it absolutely critical to continue to educate young people of these deeply disturbing historical events and ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten?

$1-million gift from 3M allows UW to install innovative inventory system

The University of Waterloo is about to become the first academic institution in North America to use a new inventory and security system from 3M. The university and the company are today announcing a $1-million gift-in-kind involving 3M’s One Tag radio frequency identification (RFID) system.

Shuttlecocks! Badminton booted from the PAC

The badminton players on campus are up in arms over what they believe is adminstration keeping them from half the playable surfaces at the UW athletic centres. We haven’t heard anything to confirm the details, but the word goes that the school is planning on replacing all the floors in the PAC gymnasiums. And when they do, they won’t be painting the lines for regulation badminton play.

Those “Free” Remote Learning Apps Have a High Cost

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak that has ravaged our nation and world has had many jarring moments. For parents and their children, one of those came with the mass closing of our schools. Tens of millions of children faced having their educations grind to a halt, including 1.1 million children in New York City’s public schools alone — a number which includes two of my own.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: What is SAVE? A: SAVE is a student-initiated program that promotes nonviolence within schools and communities. SAVE provides education about the effects and consequences of violence and helps provide safe activities for students, parents and communities.


Addressing Youth Violence In America’s Schools Find out about professional development initiatives that can create safer schools. In Focus: Violence Prevention Archives From The Guidance Channel Zine Find helpful advice on preventing youth violence through this collection of articles from The Guidance Channel online magazine.

Foothilll & De Anza Colleges

Why choose Foothill or De Anza Colleges? More than 80 different university transfer majors Excellent transfer rate to highly selective universities Inexpensive tuition, approximately $4,000 per year Friendly, helpful staff and international student counselors Instruction from nationally recognized faculty, not teaching assistants Nationally accredited colleges with small class size and personal attention Excellent English as a Second Language classes Student activities, intercollegiate sports, cultural clubs and celebrations An award-winning, beautiful campus setting with nearby access to mountains, beach, and city life Exciting Silicon Valley location, near Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Intel, Yahoo! and many other successful companies

International Student Guide to the United States of America

International Student Guide to the United States of America is a print and online resource designed to help international students who are interested in attending a college or university in the U.S. research their options and request information about participating programs.